Hi.  I’m Jerry Nelson, and Welcome to JerryTalksMusic.com ! So what might you expect as you follow my blog journey and philosophical meanderings?   Looking “over my shoulder,” you’ll get a sense of where I’ve come from – where I’m going – what I’ve won – what I’ve lost – what I’ve learned – what I’ve forgotten (oops, that’s not possible) and what may be going on in my world today.

What’s on Your Mind?

Many of you have questions about song writing, publishing, working for a church, a concert career on the road, MIDI, studio production, arranging, “improv,” Copyright, building my own studio, time management, dealing with loss (including a wife through cancer), remarriage, merging our talents, missions, starting a business, humor on-stage, my spiritual journey, the role of providence and “five-minute windows.”   You never know where this BLOG may take me – or YOU.

My Perspective

jerrynelson_over_his_shouldNow if I’m beginning to sound like an expert, let’s clear the air.  You’ll soon discover I don’t pretend to be an authority on everything I’ve done.   I’m simply sharing my perspective; but that perspective derives from a myriad of life experiences at a professional level, as a musician, as a hobbyist, as an entrepreneur of sorts and, well, simply a lover of life.  In that sense, I guess I feel there’s a lot I have to share.  Over the course of a lifetime, I’ve had the joy of sharing my music with millions of people through the magic of TV, radio and recorded media, plus hundreds of piano concerts on all continents (well, Antarctica is still on my bucket list), five or six thousand “Classical” and “Sacred” arrangements, published songs, musicals and a fulfilling career that’s included everything from Public School teaching, lecturing on “Improv”, to tuning pianos and conducting a host of awesome musicians like the London Orchestra.

Something for Free? 

Now if you happen to be a pianist, instrumentalist or singer, just curious if some of my arrangements might tickle your musical taste buds, from time to time my Blog will let you in on an assortment of free “Mega-medleys.” It’s my way to let you test-drive what I feel are some of my most inspired musical creations.

In short, it is my belief that when God blesses someone with a talent or gift, He does so very intentionally.  I don’t feel I can keep it to myself.  So my life is all about helping you realize the potential inside you.  Somewhere in my musings, you’ll probably find yourself reflecting on your own journey – dreaming, questioning, searching, praying, pondering and seeking to find a niche for yourself that fits like a glove.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.  It’s gonna be an exciting ride!  I’ll be looking back to see if you’re looking “Over My Shoulder.”